Let’s face it – everyone wants to be happy in their life.

But for many people, happiness is like a rainbow. Captivating yet elusive.

They keep going after it but never seem to reach it. That’s because happiness is a vague concept that can’t be quantified or experienced through our five senses. It’s an intangible state of being that can only be sensed within the realm of emotion and spirit.

Given the ambiguous nature of happiness, society has created a culture that associates it with material gain and pleasure. But happiness is a choice and a state of being that we can cultivate within us and depends on our character and the choices that we make in our life.

 I believe that there’s a lot of power in accepting that we are in charge of our own happiness. It puts us in the drivers seat of our life because we no longer have to depend on external events of other people for how we feel.

In this episode I outline five reasons why you determine your own happiness and how you reclaim your power to manage your own happiness.

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