At some point in our lives, we’ve all been prejudiced against a certain group or we’ve been victims of prejudice.

That’s because we’re instinctually driven to form preconceived notions about others, no matter how skewed or irrational our thoughts may appear to us.  It is a survival mechanism to guard ourselves against danger based on what we’re taught as kids, our cultural experiences (or lack thereof), and what we’ve seen in the media

Prejudices form the breeding ground for all kinds of discrimination that play out in real life. It fuels ignorance, xenophobia and insensitivity towards the groups and communities that we’re prejudiced against. We’ve seen this playout throught human history.

In this episode, I describe the different types of prejudices that exist and the steps that we can take to spot our prejudices and prevent ourselves from judging others based on them.

I hope that listening to this post will create a shift in how you view the differences in others.