Does your life feel insignificant and small? Then you’ll need to listen to this podcast episode.

Many people today are dealing with feelings of significance because of the yardstick that society uses to measure their worth. Our society attaches power to popular forms of social currency such as fame, money and physical attractiveness. A person feels like they have to have one of these assets if they would like to stand out in a crowd.

I empathize with anyone who feels this way as I know what it feels like having through periods of melancholic introspection myself. I used to feel guilty until I found out that my feelings come from a very natural and human part of me that wants to belong and feel loved.

So the question is how can we prevent our precious sense of worthiness from plummeting into the depths of despair given the superficial construct we’re subjected to? In this podcast episode, I offer some insight into how we can do that so that we feel whole and significant no matter what our unique circumstances are.