Do you consider yourself a chronic procrastinator or someone who faces occasional spells of procrastination in their life? If yes, then you’ll find this podcast episode to be most insightful.

Procrastination is a maladaptive pattern that affects all domains of our life, causing us to miss out on opportunities and constantly sabotage our progress. If you’re a chronic procrastinator I suggest trying cognitive behavioral therapy if you need further support after listening to this podcast.

For the rest of us occasional procrastinators, we can override this dysfunction by becoming more self-aware. This can be tough, considering that we live in a world where it’s easy to lose focus and squander our time on the innumerable entertainment options that tempt us.

In this podcast, I discuss my unique approach towards curing procrastination which involves first reconfiguring our core identity and then looking at the big picture of our life.  

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