Are you having a tough time letting go of someone or something in your life? Would you like to find healthier ways of relating to people? Is there a part of you that is struggling to move on after the ending of something significant in your life?

We’ve all been guilty of holding onto things much longer than necessary. No matter what your friends and family told you at the time, nothing could convince you to let go.  You were incapable of envisioning your life differently. If you have a tough time liberating yourself from things, people, places and memories, know that what you’re going through isn’t easy.

As a social and emotional being you’re naturally wired to get attached, and stay attached because of you instinctually associate familiarity with comfort and safety. Having grappled with the experience of stepping out of situations that weren’t right for me, I’ve learned that clinging to people and situations that aren’t aligned with our truth limits our capacity to access happiness.

This week I delve into the many challenges that we all face in the process of detachment, the costs of resisting it and a three-step process that will make the process of letting go easier, while honoring your feelings and respecting the journey of life.

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