[Podcast Interview] Do you have a tough time managing your finances and would you like to develop a healthier relationship with money? If so, then you’ll find this interview to be most enlightening.

Money has become a taboo subject in our society and most people are uncomfortable speaking about their financial situation. That’s why I believe it’s necessary for us to begin having open conversations about this topic.

To bring this issue to the forefront, I decided to speak with Mikelann Valterra - an author, speaker and a leader who’s been in the field of personal finance and financial therapy for 20 years.  

During the interview, we cover the following issues and many others:

  • The most common way people sabotage their finances.
  • Developing an identity that is not tied to your net worth but your self-worth.
  • Exercising self-control with spending habits.
  • Developing a mindset of abundance no matter how much money you make.
  • The role of the Law of Attraction in creating financial abundance.

I really hope that this interview will inspire you to examine your relationship to money and develop a mindset of prosperity and abundance.

[If you’re interested in learning more about her work you can visit her website- www.seattlemoneycoach.com where you can also download her free 20 page eBook: How to stop stressing about money and create a life you love]