I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty and diversity that exists on our gorgeous planet. There are all kinds of amazing animal and plant species out there in so many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Today I’m going to be speaking with someone who’s been heavily involved in the research and exploration of the biodiversity on our planet for most of his life – George Paul. George developed an intense interest in the natural world when he was a teenager. He has travelled the globe recording bird songs; filming the life of coral reef ecosystems; and writing and lecturing about the importance of preserving Earth’s biological diversity.

During my interview, George shared his thoughts on how societal attitudes should evolve so as to create a sustainable society for the Third Millennium and what each one of us can do to preserve and stay connected to nature.

If you’re someone who cares about our planet and you’re curious about how you can be part of the solution to the current issues that we face as a species, then you’ll enjoy listening to our discussion.

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