Over the years, there’s been increasing evidence of the nature of our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our physical health, influencing everything from the pain we experience to our immune system.

Although medical treatment continues to play an important role in healing symptoms, according to my guest today, Keiko Hoshino, our subconscious mind has an overwhelming ability to heal ailments and sometimes even transcend medical science.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Keiko was working at a Japanese financial institution in London when she was introduced to Happy Science, Japan’s fastest growing and most influential spiritual movement with more than 12 million followers. Keiko was an ordained minister in 2000 who was later transferred to the United States in 2006 to minister in various cities in the US. In August 2018, Hoshino took on the role of Publishing Director for the US branch of Happy Science’s publishing arm.

During our interview, Keiko shares the main teaching of the Happy Science philosophy which we can apply to live a life of balance, joy and purpose. She also shares the secrets of how we can heal our body from within based on the astounding recovery made by the leader of Happy Science, Ryuho Okawa, who miraculously healed himself after suffering a severe life-threatening episode when his heart stopped.