We’ve all heard about the importance of living a life of purpose. In theory, it seems simple: devote yourself to something meaningful and you’ll find lasting happiness and a sense of meaning in life. Yet most people struggle to discover their purpose because it either seems too vague and grandiose.

Ashmi Pathela, my guest today, had experienced this challenge as a successful professional working in Silicon Valley. Feeling burnt out and unfulfilled, she decided to make a big shift in her life. This instigated your journey of spiritual discovery. Besides traveling the world, Ashmi writes about her evolving perspectives in her blog Covival. Her raw, vulnerable and refreshing approach towards life touches the hearts of all her readers.

Join us for this conversation where we discuss about how we can make the transition to a life of purpose and get over the common perceived obstacles that may stand in our way. You’ll learn how to develop the right mindset and approach when it comes to creating abundance while following your calling in life.

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