Authenticity is about being true to yourself. It’s about presence and living in the moment. When you’re around an authentic person, you feel at ease and comforted by their presence. But being authentic is a challenge when you lack self-awareness and you have unresolved past issues.

To tell us more about what it means to be authentic and how we can connect with our authenticity I invited Dr. Patti Ashley.

Patti is a psychotherapist, author, and international speaker with over 35 years of experience counseling individuals, couples, families and groups in various settings. Her signature Authenticity Architecture model breaks through barriers to personal freedom and authentic growth, and helps her clients experience self-love, belonging and connection.

During our conversation Patti shares the key traits of an authentic person, the common blocks to getting in touch with our authenticity. She also shares some tools such as Mandalas and exercises that she uses in her own heart-centered model of creativity called “Authenticity Architecture.”