According to my guest today, our homes are the one place on earth that we are most energetically connected to. It nourishes and supports  and it will always mirror us. That’s why we need to be mindful caretakers of our environment. Feng Shui, the study of the movement of chi, which is the Chinese world for energy guides that energy, letting it flow freely through your home, creating a healthy balance and sense of well being. 

Kim Klein, shares this advice and lots more in this episode. Along with being a Holistic Health Coach, Kim is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, graduating in 2004 from the three-year BTB (Black Tantric Buddhist) Masters Training Program in San Francisco.

During our conversation, Kim introduces us to the ancient science of Feng Shui by describing how it works and how we can benefit from using its wisdom to correct the flow of this energy into and through our space. She provides some simple tools and techniques that we can use in our homes and office spaces and how we can use Feng Shui to set our intentions for the New Year.

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