If you have a lifestyle that’s typical of the modern day professional, you probably have a lot going on. With all these demands on our time, it’s easy for us to get drained out and lose steam if we’re not conscious about taking care of our need for rest, relaxation and fun.

Aisha Moore is a self-care expert whose sole mission is to help busy professional women restore balance in their life and avoid burnout. Aisha has received a Masters of Public Health from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill focusing on Health Behavior and Health Education. She’s designed numerous workshops to help public health leaders change their organizations to have a greater impact on the people they serve. She has also spoken at conferences on the topic of public health leadership and community engagement.

By listening to this interview you’ll learn about the importance of self-care and how you can be more attentive to your needs so that you thrive and reach your full potential. Aisha shares some of her best advice and tools that will help you get to this place of balance and vitality.

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