There are times in our lives when we feel insecure and unsure of our capabilities. Some people experience these bouts of self-doubt more than others but all of us know what it feels like when we hit rock bottom. I believe that the foundation for a life of growth, happiness and progress is an authentic sense of confidence. It’s what gives us the courage to take action on our dreams and to keep moving forward in the face of challenges.

To help me highlight the importance of developing and maintaining self-confidence, I invited Taylor Simpson – a body positive coach, NASM certified personal trainer and ISSA sports nutrition consultant. She is the owners of Taylored Fitness and the creator of the 8 Week Mind & Body Challenge,  that has helped 100’s of women seek clarity, achieve their fitness goals and improve their relationship with food. As an expert on the topic of confidence, she is passionate about helping women remove blocks that keep them from transforming their lives.

Join me for this inspiring conversation where Taylor shares her expertise and experience on how we can overcome low self-confidence by dealing with the common causes of it such as negative self-talk and the voice of our inner critic. You’ll also learn about practices and lifestyle changes that you can make to experience more energy, vitality and health in your everyday life!

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