If you’re someone who has been struggling to find and develop a healthy intimate partnership or if you’re someone who wants to improve the current relationship that you’re in then you’re going to find this episode a treat.

Today I’m speaking with Riana Milne, a Certified, global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 18 years. She’s a #1 Best Selling author, podcast host and a Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional. Riana offers VIP, 1-on-1 and Group Coaching for Singles & Couples through her Life and Love Training Academy.com

During my conversation with Riana, we spoke about some critical issues to consider regarding relationships such as the common blocks that hold a person back from having loving relationships that including the various kinds of childhood trauma. You’ll also learn the key qualities of an emotionally healthy relationship and how can we work towards embodying those qualities.

Join me for this exciting episode!

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