All of us would like to find and create that perfect relationship. But so many of us find it hard to achieve this for various reasons. With more and more people choosing to stay single as well as an escalating divorce rate, we seem to be missing the essential knowledge that we need for relationship success. To help us find out what we’re missing in our relationships I invited Rebecca and Alonzo Cahoon.

Rebecca Cahoon is an author, and international personal development coach who specializes in helping women find true happiness in their lives. Alonzo Cahoon is leading authority in the area of personal development. He is a relationship expert and a master trainer, private consultant/trainer who works with individuals, business owners and executives. Together they help couples create that magic in their relationships through the secrets that they have learned from their profession and personal life.

During my interview with Alonzo and Rebecca, we discuss various exciting topics centered on relationship such as the key ingredients for creating a healthy relationship and deal with common relationship blocks and how we can continue to maintain the passion in our partnerships. They also some great advice for singles who are looking for the perfect partner.