Do you often wish that you life could be perfect? 

Let’s face it - life can be tough. But it’s tougher for those who are married to the fantasy of attaining the “perfect life” and feel entitled to getting what they think that they deserve. They are disappointed every time the real world creeps in and dashes their hopes and reveals the truth.

Most of us grow up being exposed to celebrity culture and movies that provide us with the template for a picture-perfect life. It’s only natural that we would develop a desire for the external symbols of success and fulfillment such as money, fame, power and status.

In this podcast episode, I’ve not only redefined what a perfect life actually constitutes but also included simple steps that you can take to attain it in your life. You’ll be convinced that perfection is not something that you fabricate in the outside world but it’s a condition that you cultivate in your inner world.

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