It’s hard not to get overwhelmed in the modern marketplace where you’re inundated with brands, products, and services, all vying for your business. Our consumer-centric society deludes us into believing that we can have (and need) it all!

Despite all the freedoms that capitalism bestows on us, we need to be careful of its illusory effect on our psyche. If we’re not conscious about the addictive quality of wants and we allow ourselves to get too attached to them, we can live in perpetual state of dissatisfaction and ruin our financial health.

It’s only by gaining spiritual maturity that we’ll be able to see the futility in a naive chase for acquiring happiness solely by fulfilling our wants, rather than our needs. This doesn’t mean that we should renounce all our worldly desires but that we take certain measures to engage in self reflection and redefine our priorities.

In this podcast, I provide some ideas on how you can go through this process.

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