Why Your Words Matter

As an avid writer and reader, I have a natural love for words. I perceive every word to be like a unique shade of color, which can be used to paint all kinds of images on the fertile canvas of our imagination.

However most people today prefer brevity in how they communicate. A casual, airy and breezy form of interaction has become the norm, especially with the advent of social media and smart phones.

We’ve lost the grace and discernment that comes with having a ‘word consciousness’  – a sensitivity to the impact that our words have on others.

In this podcast episode, I’ll  show you how to recapture that with a few simple practices that you can incorporate into your day to improve the quality and range of your words.

As a verbal virtuoso, you’ll be able to make great strides in your career and personal life. Strong and effective communication will open the doorway to happiness, profit and creative satisfaction.