Each and everyone of us desires to live our best lives. But that life seems out of reach for many of us because of the limitations and obstacles we face along the way. 

My guest today, David Hennessey, a passionate advocate for personal development, say’s that success is possible for anyone, if they’re willing to make simple shifts in their daily life and adopt the right mindset. 

David is trained in psychology and nutrition. 20 years ago he created a holistic personal development program called The WONDER Technique. Over the years, he’s presented it in 100s of workshops and seminars. His goal is to share these fundamental tools of personal development to everyone on the planet through his work.

During the interview, we cover the following areas:

  • Techniques to reduce stress and improve sleep quality
  • Daily rituals and practices that lead to productivity
  • Tips on staying committed to our goals
  • Developing simple habits that lead to success
  • Ways to achieve a positive frame of mind