All of us dream at night - sometimes our dreams are vivid and clear, and sometimes they are hazy and fragmented, while other times we face spells of dreamless nights. No matter what our dream experiences are like, we should take them seriously as they are the gateway to our subconscious mind.

To shed some light on the importance of our dreams, I invited dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden. Kelly is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, whose unique approach to dream therapy led her to become a trusted adviser, coach and consultant, enriching the lives of thousands of individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, UN ambassadors, celebrities, inner-city kids, and stay-at-home moms. Her dream insights have been featured on many national talk shows, including The Doctor Oz Show, Ricki Lake, The Real and Hallmark’s Home & Family.

In this interview, Kelly shares her thoughts on the significance of our dreams when it comes to the important themes in our lives. She also shares tips on how we can recall our dreams better, as well as interpret them in a way that can offer us wisdom and insight into our journey of empowerment.