I’ve always had a deep love for gazing up at the night sky and learning about what lies out there in the cosmos.  I’m convinced that if we step out of the minutia of our daily existence and allow ourselves to soak in the cosmic magic we can connect deeper with our humanity and spiritual essence.

My guest, Cathrin Machin, shares the same passion for astronomy as I do. Cathrin Machin is one of Australia's fastest growing contemporary artist who holds the record as Australia's highest crowd-funded artist of all time. Cathrin’s artwork attract a huge a client list that stretches to every corner of the globe. Her abstract paintings of space allow viewers to contemplate the sheer scale of the universe and how we as individuals, fit within in it.

In this interview, Cathrin shares with us the secrets to her creative process and how we can tap into our own genius. We also discuss about the wonders of the cosmos and how we can connect with the skies for inspiration and an experience of wonder and awe. 

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