Workplace inequality is a reality that we all face in the modern world. Although women have come a long way when it comes to elevating their place in society, there is still much work to be done. To discuss more about this issue I invited Dr. Cristina Perelman, an author and expert on employee rights and corporate social responsibility.

Cristina has been a sub-specialty physician for 30 + years. During her experience she has witnessed how society devalues women both at home and in the workplace by continually placing more value of women’s looks over brains. This has motivated her to write empowering books that empower women. Her mission is to accelerate the overall equality of the sexes in all areas of life.

In our conversation, Cristina and I look at women's rights and empowerment from a historical, ethical and practical standpoint. She offers advice on how women can deal with unfair work situations, promote themselves in the world with poise and dignity and steps that they can take to become leaders in their own lives.