At some point, almost all of us have struggled with our relationship to food. It doesn’t help that there are all kinds of crazy diets out there that confuse us. My guest today, Sandy Zeldes, says that the confusion is an unnecessary one and that the answers can found within.

Over the span of her 17-year long career as a certified nutrition consultant, she’s helped women break free from low energy, cravings and weight concerns to have more confidence and eat healthfully.  She is also an author, chef, EFT practitioner. Her online course Healing Subconscious Blocks to Weight Loss has been a top selling course on the online network DailyOm

Join us for this insightful conversation where we breakdown myths around food addiction, cravings and emotional eating. Sandy shares her thoughts on how healing our inner wounds and building our self worth is an essential part of ending our struggle with food and body image.