Most people associate the word power with having  a lot of money, fame, influence and beauty. But according to my guest, Liz Lewinson, true power comes from within. It’s an inner power that helps us lead a life of peace, joy and tranquility. 

Liz Lewinson is a long-time practitioner and teacher of meditation.  Her books on Amazon are "The Power of the Loving Man,"  "Women, Meditation, and Power," and the award-winning biography, "American Buddhist Rebel."  She is Vice President of The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism. 

During our conversation, Liz and I cover the following topics:

  • What is inner power and how do we access it
  • How can we avoid the common obstacles in connecting with our power
  • The different types of power men and women possess based on their physiology
  • How to develop a daily ritual of meditation and mindfulness to access our power