I believe that all of us have the ability to connect to something greater than ourselves- by connecting to the spiritual essence within us. According to many religious and philosophical scriptures, it’s the proven path to maximizing our potential and developing our emotional resilience and self knowledge. But it isn’t always to unplug from our busy world and tune in to connect with our inner power and follow it’s guidance to heal and empower ourselves.

Rusha Inara, my guest today, is an expert in this topic. She’s a YouTube star with almost 40,000 followers who tune in to capture her wisdom. Rusha has always been curious about the mysteries of the universe which lead her to study about the chakra, meditation and kundalini.

I’m sure that you’ll love our enlightening conversation – you’ll be reminded of your boundless capacity and the potential for greatness within you. Through her own musings and spiritual breakthroughs, Rusha shows us how we can stay committed to discovering ourselves while enjoying this beautiful earthly journey in the process.