Religion has evolved a lot over the past few decades. More and more people feel disillusioned with or detached from organized religion, yet, they still long for a rich inner life defined by purpose, meaning and reflection. 

My guest today, Thomas Moore, says that we don’t have to live an exclusively materialistic and rational lifestyle and that we can develop our personal spiritual style, either inside or outside formal religion.

Thomas is the author of 24 books including the number one New York Times bestseller “Care of the Soul.” In his youth, he was a catholic monk and later on after receiving a PhD in religious studies he became a university professor and a psychotherapist. He often travels and lectures, hoping to help create a more soulful society.

Join me for this fascinating conversation, where Thomas shares his thoughts on how we can personalize religion and make it our own. He offers several conventional and unconventional pathways to access mystical experiences and integrate spirituality into our everyday lives.

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