The word hypnosis comes from ancient Greek and means “a mental state like sleep.” Hypnosis has become a popular modality when it comes to changing deep-seated thought patterns which sabotage various areas of our lives. It’s been known to heal numerous health conditions.

To tell us more about hypnotherapy, I invited Stephanie Jarmuth. Stephanie is a certified hypnotist with a hunger to empower others to create the change they want in their lives. She stumbled upon hypnosis as a last resort to her sleeping problems. Not only did one session get rid of her sleeping issues but it opened her eyes to just how powerful the mind can be. In her practice today, she helps clients attract positive change such as meaningful relationships, an optimistic outlook, abundance, and more.

During our conversation Stephanie and I speak about the benefits of hypnotherapy and what we can do to adopt a positive mindset and shift negative behavior patterns.