Surviving in today’s world requires that we learn how to juggle tasks efficiently. There are many things vying for our attention which center on our family, work and relationships. We have to learn how to balance these priorities while also maximizing our potential. 

Niels Duinker, my guest today, has mastered the art of juggling both literally and metaphorically.  Niels is an accomplished master juggler who has achieved an international career, with shows from Amsterdam to Las Vegas. He is a 2-time Variety Performer of the Year and 3-time Guinness World Records record holder.

Through his act, workshops and his book ‘Catching Greatness’, Niel aims to motivate people to take action on their dreams. During my conversation with him in this episode, he inspires us with his success story of how he learned to overcome obstacles  such as negativity, fear and common distractions and how we can do the same in our own life.  

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