Our emotions are not the easiest thing to deal with. In fact, given a choice we prefer to rationalize or just ignore them and get on with life. But no matter what we do, our emotional patterns will always show up in one way or another and it’s up to us to manage them in the healthiest way possible.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, my guest today has taught people how to do this for many years – she is an author, a licensed psychologist, coach, speaker and a leading expert in the area of emotional strength training.  She’s been published and cited in hundreds of national media outlets for her unique approach to mastering life’s twist and turns and helping her clients turn into leaders who take charge of their lives.

Join us on this our in-depth conversation on emotions where Tracy shares detailed information on how we can boost our emotional intelligence by identifying irrational thinking patterns and self-sabotaging behavior. She also shares some tools and strategies which you can use to build our emotional intelligence and become more resilient.

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