Too many of us are living life on autopilot. Sleepwalking through it with no purpose and direction. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if we could take control and live out our days more consciously. 

According to my guest Noor Hibbert, we all have the power to make every single day count and design a life that we truly want.  When we tap into this power, we’ll see that life is for the making and the taking.

Noor Hibbert is a life and business coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She’s the founder of This Is Your Dream, where she helps people transform their mindset, master manifestation, build their business and live their best life. She has built a seven-figure business whilst raising three small children and she credits it to her embarking on a spiritual journey.

During our conversation, Noor offers advice on how to retrain our brain to overcome negative beliefs and align our thoughts with the life that we want to create. We also talk about the role of manifestation in creating success and manifestation tools that we can use.

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