Each and every one of us has been through difficult experiences that may have taken a toll on our self-esteem and changed our perception about the world. When it affects us in a negative way, we need find constructive ways to get back to state of love and wholeness.

My guest today, Vincent Genna, has been helping people do this for the more than 35 years. Vincent is a world-renowned powerful mystic healer, respected spiritual teacher, and psychotherapist.  Thousands of followers around the world have been inspired by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations and insightful TV and radio interviews on self-love and self-mastery. 

Join me for this heartwarming conversation where Vincent shares his personal stories and his thoughts on how we can heal and move towards self-love and self-mastery. He also shares tips on how we can tap into our intuition to make more informed choices that align with our personal truth.

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