We’re all storytellers. whether we realize it or not. We create narratives in our minds about who we are, why things happen the way we do and where we’re going. This ability gives us the responsibility to tell stories that are meaningful and beneficial to ourselves and others.

Scotty Crowe, my guest today has been helping people do just that through his work in education and social justice. Scotty is an actor, writer, host, and filmmaker. He first started working in entertainment as John Mayer’s tour manager and has spent much of the last decade working with young people, specifically around writing their narrative and discovering their voice. He believes deeply in the power of storytelling, the joy of self-expression, and the importance of inclusion.

During our conversation, Scotty and I discuss about the different ways we can use our ability to tell stories including:

  • Tapping into our inner potential.
  • Expressing our creativity and talents.
  • Using it to advocate for the causes that are important to us.