As grown-ups we want to hold on to that faith that we had when we were kids - when we believed that all things are possible if we believed in them with all our heart. We hope that there exists some kind of cosmic force that can create alchemy to magically transform our hearts desire into reality.

The law of attraction is perhaps the closest thing that we have to that magical transformative energy. You may have heard of the LOA after its mass popularization made by worldwide bestseller The Secret, where the featured experts in the book touted the LOA as a simple, metaphysical principle - by simply imagining, and focusing on a certain outcome, the Universe will eventually deliver.

But is it really that simple? If it were, then all of us would be prosperous and happy beyond our wildest dreams! Before getting deluded by these enticing claims, we need to take a closer look at the LOA to appreciate its complexity. This week, I dissect the LOA principle so that we can develop a more balanced outlook on its potential effects and develop more realistic expectations on how we can apply it in our life and use it to manifest our dreams.

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